Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shyanne's Baptism

Shy in her baptism dress.
Grammie, Shy and Grandad
Brenda, Shy and Robert
Shyanne was baptized! She was so excited and could not wait. This is her family, Natilee, Allie, Burgandi, Nate, Shy and Lance.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Down at the Beach

Vince in his hat. His little face burns easily and this hat is perfect because he cannot get it off.
Burgandi, Nate, Vince and Lance.
Nate and Lance.

Shy, Vince and Burgandi.
Under cover as it was pretty hot. The kids were very good and played alot in the sand.
Vince always takes Robert down the beach. Papa took his chair this time.
Shelby and Natilee.
Shelby, Natilee and Vince on the beach. Vince kept saying hi and asking if they were okay.

Shy's 8th Birthday

Doll pajamas to match her new ones.
Her pogo stick is inside.
A new backpack.
Robert and Shelby looking on.

Shy really likes Totally Me things and making them.
Shy, Brenda, Burgandi, Natilee and Lance.
Shy opening the earrings that Lance and Burgandi gave her.
Vince very interested in what Shy is opening.


There was just too much water right in front of him. Kandice was helping again. He will get up next time.
Lance's turn.
She is up and going.
Shy trying for the first time to ski. Kandice was in the water to help her.

This was pretty good because they were across the lake from us.
Getting back into the boat.

Nate really enjoyed one ski this time.
Nate slaloming.
She is still going----
Allie on the skis.


Papa and Vince just relaxing on the tube.
No one has been thrown off without trying hard, but this trip was different. For some reason, they did the Titanic and went under. All were fine.
Shy, Allie and Lance. Allie is holding Burgandi, but she can barely be seen.

Lance, Burgandi, Nate and Shy.
Way Fun!!!
Justin, Shy and Kandice having fun going back and forth.

Up and over the wake.
Lance, Kandice and Shyanne getting ready (they think it's a roller coaster). Well, sometimes it is almost as good!