Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hot Saturday

It was really hot and the kids wanted to get out the water slide. They had a blast.
Lance has decided that it is fun to go backwards.
Shy does not go backwards yet, but face first is okay.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Father/Son Campout 2008

Nate and Lance fixing their rockets.
Lance and one of the lizards he caught.
Bishop Jenkins showing Nate and Lance how to make a lasso to catch lizards.
Good Breakfast.
Lounging at the tent that Nate, Lance and Robert stayed in.

Trip to Texas

Robert and Brenda in front of the Bob Bullock Museum in Austin, Texas. As you can see by the star and other things in Texas, they do it big.
The five of us in front of the museum.
We saw a Schlotzsky sign downtown, but could not find the store. It only took us one week and we found it. Kandice loves it so we ate there for her and bought hot sauce for Brad. That was one of the only things that made it back for Brad as Brenda's luggage was lost and then some things did not make it when the luggage showed up.
The six of us who went to the roadeo and conference. This is at the banquet and awards ceremony.
Robert took this picture as we arrived at the banquet.
These two pictures are from the roadeo. Our driver was great as this was his first year competing in the 40' bus.
Austin has a bridge that has 10,000 bats living underneath. At dusk, we went down to see them fly out for their nightly meals of bugs. By the time they fly out, it is too dark to get pictures of them. But what a sight they were. This is the bridge.

As we said before, they do everything big in Texas. Their capital building is huge. The dome is larger than the dome in Washington, DC.

The LBJ Library was interesting as this was our first trip to a presidential library. There was a huge area with all of his documents, but all the displays were amazing.
We had fun posing with the different items at the library.
It did take us quite awhile to get to the library. There was construction all around it. We could see it, but had a hard time getting to it.

The Riverwalk in San Antonio was beautiful. Lots of shops and restaurants.
We took the water taxi to see the whole thing and to go to the shops.
As you can tell by the green trees and Brenda's crazy hair, it was very humid while we were in Texas. Robert and Brenda in front of the Alamo Monument. The Alamo was right in the middle of town. It seemed kind of funny to invision the fight there with so much modern things around. The outside of it is architecturally amazing.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Lance Playing Baseball

Lance is on third and waiting for his teammate to hit the ball.
He looks very professional in this shot with his batting gloves and ready to run.
He's really concentrating and is doing well at hitting.
Lance bats left-handed most of the time instead of right.
Lance as the pitcher at one of his games. He loves being the pitcher even though he said he did not want to play the infield because you have to run. To the side of him, you can see the machine that pitches the ball to the kids.