Sunday, June 28, 2009

June Piano Recital

Burgandi still trying to figure them out.
Burgandi with her Cracker Jacks. How do you get in them?
Vince and Shy with Cracker Jacks.
Lance playing at the piano recital.
Shyanne playing a song at the piano recital.

Star Wars

Lance loves playing "Star Wars".

Lance at Piano Recital

Lance playing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame".

Shyanne at Piano Recital

Shyanne plays very well for her age.


We got a kick out of Vince as he was playing the piano and dancing along.

Robert's Birthday

Burgandi watching Lance play a game on Kandice's phone.

Kandice squirting whip cream into Vince's mouth for the first time.
Close up of Burgandi.
Kandice, Allie, Burgandi and Nate chilling.
Vince and Shy helping Papa open presents.
Papa showing Shyanne his new Beetle's book from Kandice, Justin and Vince.

To The Airport-Home

Sunsets in Hawaii

Local Beach