Monday, June 8, 2009

The Bishop Museum

At first we thought this was part of the display, but then we realized that they were the people in the room next to us the past four days. I'm glad something finally calmed them down. They really look better here.
This was one of the customers before us that wasn't quite. I guess he is now. Respect is not just a song, it's a way life here on the islands (and should be on the main land also). Great respect for their ancestors. They continue to be a part of their families even after they are gone.
Later we discovered a way to set the timer on the camera and both get in the picture. But for now you have to see the same back ground twice in order to prove we were both there.
As we were leaving the Island, we had a few minutes and found this Museum (Bishop). It was first set up as a school to teach the "royal families" children. It has a large amount of Hawaiian artifacts as well as several other Islands (Fiji, Samoan, Tongan etc.)

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