Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hawaii Trip-Oahu

More ocean and beautiful greenery. This was the story around the whole island. Nice is you like green and blue. Not a lot of yellow and pink, sorry Lance and Shy.
Yes, we went through the mountain on a one mile tunnel. It was not as bad as Brenda thought it might be. She wasn't able to hold her breath, but her eyes weren't open either.
More mountains, funny things was the mountains were on the left and the ocean on the right. That was the way it should have been and would have if we would have made all the right turns.
The mountains were beautiful (each time we went by them). Lots of clouds but no rain. We did run into construction several different times. It would be nice to say that was what took so long, well ya, lets go with that.
We drove around the bottom part of the island (more than once) on our to the Polynesian Cultural Center. We left the hotel (at Waikiki beach in Honolulu) and ended up back there three times before making it to the Polynesian Center. Glad it is a small island. 38 miles and we left at 8am and need to be at the center by 12:00pm (we got there with 5 minutes to spare).
Robert on the beach Sunday night.
Our hotel is the one in the middle. Beautiful beaches. Just don't count the pink one.
This is looking out of our hotel room. Can you believe it--right on the beach. Robert surprised Brenda with a trip to Hawaii. He did not tell her where they were going until they arrived in San Francisco. It was so much fun for both of them to play with this surprise.

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