Monday, June 8, 2009

To The Big Island-Hawaii

A look of the airport from the outside. It really was very well done? Pretty clean and well attended.
Another view of the area. This is where you would get a cart to carry your items or just stand around and take pictures.

Brenda just couldn't believe the airport. She had never flown out of a place that didn't have a modern terminal like most. Reno was like this when Robert took his first (big) plane ride in 1968 so it didn't really impress him. This is the airport at Kona. Notice it is all outside. They brought a rolling steps out to the plane for us to deboard. Just think of "Casablanca" and you will invision how we got down. We never went into any building, just these little shops along the way. Even the "bagage" pick up was outside (but covered from the sun and weather of sorts).
As we were about to land, Brenda was concerned that we were landing on a Volcano, or at least a lava field. We were lucky that someone had got here first and put in a plane strip. This is a good sign for us, luck was on our side.
This is the "Big Island" (Hawaii). It is a bit different from the last. Notice the color? This side of the Big Island is a lot of lava not many green plants.
On the way to the Big Island, we pass this one. Couldn't see any street signs or billboard so not sure what Island it was. Don't think it was Australia.
Day four and we are leaving Oahu. This is Waikiki Beach and we were in the Hotel in the middle next to the pink one. Hope you can see us, Brenda is standing by the window waving. Oh, I guess it is the window of the plane. Good by Waikiki.

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