Sunday, June 7, 2009


Turtle sighting, finally after about three days, or was that 30 minutes. You really start to lose tract of time on the islands. Or even when you misplace your watch. What ever--
Robert also enjoyed taking pictures of the surf coming in and the splash. Brenda was so intent on the turtle's that the splash got her more than once.
Some came close to the beach but never quite made it.
Some look to be 3 foot in diameter on the large size to 18-20" on the small.
The water was very rough, but it didn't seem to effect them very much. We were standing on a small cliff with the water splashing into the rocks. Turtles just meandered around and didn't seem to be bothered by anything.
They are "green turtles" and are protected by the government. There were about 6 or 7 and we kept trying to get them with their heads our of the water.
We went to the beach where the turtles like to bask in the sun. Of course, none of them came out of the water while we were there. Our grandson, Lance, loves turtles. He has two of his own, not big ones like these, but we wanted to get pictures of them for him. These are what we got.

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