Saturday, August 23, 2008

Before School Starts Fun

Sydney and Mason were Lance and Shy's guests to go bowling. Lance, of course, feels like he should always win. We did other activities this last week, but I did not get pictures. We played tennis, which was real funny with Lance and Shy having never played before.
The kids love to bowl, but notice how they bowl and then do not even look to see how they did. Shy really does not care how she does. Lance, of course, is always wanting to win.

Shyanne bowling

Lance bowling

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Trip to Colorado

After a long ride from the airport in Denver to the cabin, the next day we decided to go to Creede. We stopped a nice girl and she took our picture. It is hard to get all three of us together without help. We looked at every shop in Creede trying to find a small cabin to take home to Lance. He had asked Brenda to bring Aunt Phyl's cabin home to him. We did not find one in Creede, but found one later.
Thursday night, we went to the Blue Creek Lodge. Aunt Phyl traditionally likes to go here to eat. We were thrilled because this particular night there was a couple playing the sax and keyboard. They were playing big band songs. The food was great and the entertainment was super.
LaRee's grandson had a birthday on Friday and so we went for lunch, cake and to watch him open presents.
Every night we would cook dinner and clean up. Working in the kitchen together is a great way to get to know each other and enjoy each others company.
Aunt Phyl and Brenda were taking pictures of each other. Here's a darling picture of Aunt Phyl.

As we sat and talked, Mom and Aunt Phyl would talk, sing and we would laugh. They started singing this song that was just hilarious. Brenda tried to get them singing it on tape, but they laughed more than they sang. Brenda loved being with them both so much.

We took about eight takes on this picture. It was so hard to hold the camera and get all of us in. We laughed and kept trying. This one turned out the best.
Peggy and Brenda had such a great time and it was so good to visit Aunt Phyllis. This is her cabin. The night before we left, we found tracks from an animal up on the table and front deck. Overall, it was just a great trip. Thank you Aunt Phyllis.
Peggy and Aunt Phyllis said a last good bye on the camera. They are so cute.