Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Day at the Lake

They were joined by Burgandi and Vince.
Shelby and Natilee gave up and took a nap.
Ray decided to try skiing. He got up and did real well. He thought it had been too long since he had, but Kim said "like riding a bike".
Vince had Papa sit down so they could throw rocks.
Vince would grab Robert's hand and take him down the beach.
One last shot before they took off.
Okay, Aaron did. Vince loved it and Kandice said he kept saying "whee".
Jonathan, Kandice and Vince getting ready and I think Aaron went also.
Burgandi did like the tube which was good because there was really no way to tell them to stop if she did not.
Anna, Burgandi, Brenda and Kim getting ready to go for a ride.
And It Works!!!!!
Robert, Scott and Nate with Burgandi in the driver's seat.
Vince and Burgandi on the tube.
Okay the launch. We are sure hoping this boat works! The one last Saturday did not.

We were glad we went early in the morning as the ducks were still out. Here is a momma and her duckings.
Burgandi and Vince were thrilled to start throwing rocks into the water as soon as we arrived.

Father's Day

Vince and Burgandi were doing "Ring around the Roses" on the ottoman.
Natilee finally fell asleep.
Burgandi wondering why Shy gets to play and she does not.
Justin and Kandice.
Nate consulting Shy on what to play.
Father's Day was a nice day with everyone here.

Flower Boxes

Our flower boxes are beautiful this year! Not sure if it is because it has not been real hot or if Lance just picked great flowers.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Coates

Shelby at one month. The other photos were taken when she was two and a half months.

Nate took pictures of Kandice's family. He does pretty good for just starting.

Natilee Alyx

Some new pictures of Natilee.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Day at the Park

Cute picture of Burgandi.
Burgandi and Vince.
Shy, Justin and Lance were playing tag.
Vince loves to follow Lance.
B at the playground.
Still lunch.
Eating lunch.
Allie, Shelby, Shy, Vince and Kandice. Shelby did not like the wind. She would hold her breath with it.
Lance, Burgandi and Justin.
Vince and Justin.
Justin and Lance trying to fix the kite.
Lance, Justin, Allie and Burgandi.
Lance and Justin running with the kite. It was a very windy day and so the kites did go up good, but came down quick and hard.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vince's 2nd Birthday

He thought it was pretty cool.
Vince trying out his lawn mower.
Justin, Shy and Lance.
Vince blowing out the candles. His parents finally helped.
Singing "Happy Birthday" to Vince.
Nate, Lance, Kandice, Vince, Burgandi and Shyanne. Russ and Brad were there also not sure why we did not get a picture of them.
He really liked the cars.
Vince opening presents on his mom's lap with Burgandi anxiously looking on.
Kandice and Brenda made the cake. Vince loves animals and so we did the safari theme.
Robert, Mark, Colleen, Shelby and Lynette.
Grammie, Nate and Grandad.