Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just Another Day

Lance had a blast playing with the cars and motorcycles on the fridge.
One of the rare smiles on camera from Burgandi.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Incline Softball

Of course, we can't go to any part of Tahoe without taking pictures of the lake.
Kandice in the field waiting for play to begin again.
Kandice making a call at first.
Robert calling a strike at home plate.
Waiting for the pitch.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Vince Riding in the Wheelbarrow

Vince and the Worms

Kandice and Justin's Backyard

Vince sitting in the wheelbarrow.
He loved the rocks.
Vince discovered the wheelbarrow and decided he needed to help.

Robert found worms to show Vince.
Kandice and Robert getting rid of rocks.
Vince watching the work being done.

Robert and Brad at Wooster, Kandice at Sparks

Robert and Brad were umpiring at a different field. Robert was in the field for this one and Brad was behind the plate.
Kandice had a game to umpire at Sparks High today and so here are a couple of pictures of her on the field. It was pretty cold, so she is well hidden.

Lance at Bat


Nate was behind the catcher when our team was up to bat.
Lance on second.
Lance on first and Nate pitching. He did get on three times, so these are different times.
Lance still on first.
Lance on first.
Nate is the pitcher for Lance's team. He is the only coach that pitches to the boys on their level. It really makes a difference. Robert and Don used to pitch to Nate and Matt in this manner.
This was Lance's second game of the season. He and Nate really like the head coach and Nate is an assistant this year. This is Lance in the outfield.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Vince Dancing with the Easter Bunny


Close Up!
This is Vince crawling. He has gotten around for a long time, but scooting not on his knees like now. It is so fun to see them grow!