Monday, December 27, 2010


We had FHE at Nate's this week and Kim and Ray came into town for the evening, so we had quite the clan.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Nate's House for Christmas Dinner

Vince and Burgandi love to have Allie read to them.
Dinner was at Allie and Nate's new house. Shelby really liked Nat's chair hooked to the counter.

Christmas Brunch

Vince, Justin, Burgandi and Kandice. We had a great time at Kandice and Justin's for brunch. Kandice loves having the family over for Christmas brunch. Very fun!

Vince and Burgandi licking the beaters from the filling for the crepes.

Christmas at Kandice's

Shelby with her bath toys.

Vince opening his Lightning McQueen blanket.
Kandice, Vince, Justin and Shelby.
Shelby with her new baby.

Christmas Morning at Nate's

Lance relaxing in his bean bag with his new blanket.
Sporting her new hat.
Close up of Nat.
Burgandi in her chair.
Shyanne and Natilee sitting in their new bean bag chairs.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Shelby and Vince

Shelby was watching Teddy and Vince thought he had better get the same look, so he got down right beside her. Brenda thought it would make a cute picture.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Piano Recital Songs

December Piano Recital

Shelby, Natilee and Omri. We took a picture of the moms last year in order of when the babies were due and here they are in order of birth. The girls are wondering why Omri was crying. The next day, Summer found out he had ear aches.
Aris holding Minnie, Zoe and Vince. Aris held the puppy almost the whole night. She really liked her. It was way cute.
Getting ready to listen to the kids play the piano.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Brenda's Surprise Trip

This was the only temple we were at when it was dark. They had a few Christmas lights, but not as many as some of the others. It was a great trip and we enjoyed each other and the temples very much.

Robert preaching at the back of the temple. He is so cute.

Beautiful colors in the trees.
This sign was much easier to read. This temple is very similar to the one in Reno.
They have oranges growing on the temple grounds. We thought that was way cool.
Brenda running from the camera that was set on a timer to try to get one picture with both of them in it. Okay, she is there, but not sitting. Oh, well.
Robert at the sign (hard to read though). Redlands Temple still.

The Redlands Temple.

Los Angeles temple.
Robert at the second fountain.
There were two fountains and it was so pretty.
The angel Moroni through the trees.
Newport Beach temple has a mission style and was very different from any other style we have seen. It was very beautiful and everyone was so nice.
Brenda at the Newport Beach temple.
We took a picture in front of each temple's sign.

Brenda in the gardens.
Just thought we would show some great pictures of this beautiful temple.
To show how huge this temple is, that little person in the front is Robert.
Brenda loves this cactus that is on the way down in California.

We started out on Monday morning driving down to San Diego. This is Mono Lake with the fog and snow. By the time we got to Lee Vining, it was so cold outside that we had ice on the inside of our windows.