Sunday, June 7, 2009

Laie Temple

The Temple, as you can see, is being renovated and is currently closed. Could be closed for another year to a year and a half. There is another (smaller) temple on the big island at Kona. This temple is the fifth (5) oldest active (when open and will be re-dedicated when finished)temple. There are over 130 now throughout the world open and in use today.
Just a couple of the flowers that abound in the area.
Robert and Brenda in front of the Laie Temple. It was still so much fun to be on the grounds and to feel the spirit that was there. The grounds are immaculate and again beautiful. The visitors center is still open and there are missionary present (they split their time between the temple grounds and the Polynesian center)
Several different type flowers are found on the temple grounds.

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