Monday, June 8, 2009

Pearl Harbor

Same plane, different culprit pretty scary don't you think.
We then went to the Aeronautical Museum on our way off Ford Island (where the Missouri was as well as the island where all the ship were based and attacked in 1941). This is a Japanese fighter that was used on that day.
While we were on the Missouri, this ship came into the harbor.
This was how we were able to get on (and off) the ship.
Brenda and the rear guns behind her. Very large and impressive ship. Don't remember the number of people on board but it was a few thousand. Not sure where they put them all as we were able to go down inside and see a few rooms. You were in trouble if you were 6' or above.
On the phone! Problem was that no one was on the other end. Couldn't get anyone that would except his collect call or even give him the time of day. Bet it wasn't like this during the 1940s.
At the helm again. With our guide we were able to go to the area (and sit in the main chair) where the decisions were made during the war.
This was the first USS Missouri (President William Taft's home state). Don't remember what happened to it but was replaced by the one we were on. The current one was in use, decommissioned (by President Dwight Eisenhower) and put out to pasture then recommissioned for the first desert storm.
On board the USS Missouri and six of the nine 16 inch guns she has. Wood (teak) decks and a great knowledgeable guide to show us around. This is the ship that was used to signal the end of the war. U.S., Japan and all involved were aboard to sign the treaty.
Standing at the "Ring of ??". Not sure what they call it but each (of the sixth plus) plaques told of a submarine (and some their crew and some the crew survived) that was lost during WWII. No Turley's or Murray's were seen on any plaque, but hundreds of others were lost.
This is Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial. We didn't make it over to it but did take a picture. Lots of memories (and history) at this stop.

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