Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dole Plantation

Brenda at the crossroads. This was a place where they had a whole lot of different species of pineapple. With directions like this it is easy to see why we too so long to get any where here.
Walking trees. These trees are amazing. They are held up by a bunch of legs that slowly walk towards water. They walk about 6 cm a year. We left our address with one and expect that tree in our yard in about 2910.
Bananas, bananas and more bananas. Even if they are small one, but bananas still the same.
Robert and Brenda in front of the Dole Plantation. (no not Robert Dole)
Pineapple plants in the fields. We were surprised that they grew so many, so close together. and over 180 + different types are available world wide. (some are really cute?)
Sugar cane. Second largest crop on the island (pineapple number one).
These beautiful plumeria grew everywhere. In fact everything grew everywhere.
The hibiscus were plentiful, beautiful and of all kinds of colors. We really enjoyed taking pictures of them. We will only put a few on the blog, so bear with us.

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Anonymous said...

If some pineapple are really cute(?), does that make other pineapple really ugly?