Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pali Lookout

Kandice told us that it is was really windy up here. Robert didn't believe her but Brenda seemed to think she (Kandice) might have been right. What was Bre worried about, there is a fence there to keep her from the valley below.
This is the road traveled to get to the Pali Lookout. Kind of "cool" with the amount of foliage on both sides of the road.
This is the mountain just to the side of the battle spot. This will show you what the "cliff" looked like, now you know why the losing side lost. Kind of hard to win when your being pushed back like they were.
This is from the same spot, just another part of the valley below. This is the North/East side of Oahu and about the middle of the island. The losing side (in the war) was pushed off the cliff which help with the ending of the war. Both sides decided to sign a treaty uniting all involved.
PALI LOOKOUT - Here come the Turley's. This is the place of the "last battle" that united the islands under one King (King Kamenhameha and if you can say that you doing well).

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