Sunday, June 7, 2009

Palace, Castle and Pagoda

Very unique building. This is the outside and the middle is an open area with the rooms surrounding it. Not really sure what it was used for (it was all closed up and no one around).
Hawaiian Iolani Palace in the middle of Honolulu. Pretty impressive area and building. Only Royal Palace on U.S. soil. Built in 1882.
Temple with the skyline of Honolulu in the background. Lots of tall buildings and lots of things going on. Oahu has about 900,000 people living there full time (plus tourists and assorted others)
On our way down the hill from the Pali Outlook, we went past this (Buddist looking) temple looking building. In the background you can see "headstones" from hundreds of graves. I guess when you're on an island for hundreds of years, you use every spot you can think of to lay those to rest.

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