Friday, June 5, 2009

The Polynesian Cultural Center

The night show at the center was fantastic. We really had great seats (front roll stage left). We almost had to jump out of these guys way. Ground level with no one blocking our way.
Brenda learning the hula with a group of other worth soles.
Samoan climbing a palm tree. He went up and down very fast. Look for the video. He tried to jump into the trees at the side, but changed his mind when it was a long way off.
New Zealand's canoe in the canoe parade. Each of the seven (7) groups preform in this way. One after the other and only two fell in (well three is you count the performer that grabbed his helper and they both went into the canal)
Brenda and Robert in front of the New Zealand structure. We really enjoyed New Zealand because Robert's parents went on a mission there. See the people in the background? They are using an item from New Zealand used in their dances. We tried it and was so good they tried to hire us to perform at the center, would you believe that they were excited with our act, how about they paid us to leave (and do it quick).

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