Monday, June 8, 2009

Waikiki Sunset

This was as close as we could get. Still no enchilada. O' I guess that is Spanish not Hawaiian. So, still no Poi?
You have heard of foot prints in the sand, here we found "writing" in the sand. Could apply to "U" if you like?
We couldn't really tell which was way West, we finally had to buy a compass (which Lance will end up with for his scouting). Clouds still didn't help. Now can you find "Greta"?
Tried (at the last night) to get a picture of the sunset in Waikiki. We didn't have a very good angle and the clouds conspired against us. (Could see the boat in the ocean) We are not in this picture but see if you can find "Waldo". (Emerson that is)

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