Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Boca Dam

August 30, we took the boat out for the first time. We went to Boca Dam with lunch and fun in mind. The guys are excited to get out and ski and test out the boat. Good luck guys.
The best part of the day is what we do not have on camera. This was the maiden voyage for the boat. Once they got out into the middle of the lake, the boat quit. Brad was out in the water ready to ski and the boat was drifting away and he was having a hard time catching up with it with skis and all. Lance kept saying that they were going to die at sea, which Papa pointed out that they were not at sea and the shore was visible. After a little bit, Shyanne suggested they say a prayer, so she did. They were then passed by boats that helped them drift to shore. When they reached the shore, a truck came down and the man in it asked if he could take Nate to the other side to get his car. He left his wife, kids and dog there and took Nate. The moral of the story is prayers work, even if boats don't.
Shyanne was a fish. She would have gone out to the middle of the lake if we would have let her. Lance was more conservative about the whole thing.
It was windy, but we did have fun. This is all of the group tearing down and getting ready to go back to town to go to the Rib Cook-Off. Can't wait for those ribs. Kathy, Brenda's sister and Scott, Kathy's husband along with Grandma and Grandad are going to the Rib Cook-Off with us. It is a family tradition for us to all go as a family.

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