Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lake Tahoe for Our 37th Anniversary

Brenda in the same spot.
Robert in front of the snow at the edge of the highway with the lake in the background.

The snow was quite heavy on the trees. Soooooo pretty. Brenda on the way up overlooking Tahoe.
Robert in front of a little cafe that we ate at. It was such a cute place. The locals go there and also skiiers and tourists. The food was great and it was fun to watch all the people.
Icicles were all over. They were long and some were even wide. We went to a lot of shops and had fun looking.
The trees were beautiful with the snow covering them.
These are pictures from our trip to Lake Tahoe for our 37th wedding anniversary. We had a blast just relaxing with each other and talking.


The Coates said...

Congrats. Love the picters looks like you guys had fun. Love you both.

Steffers said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! Looks like you guys had fun. Steph (Shelly)