Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

But then, he kept on trying to get it. Silly boy.
Allie gave him a taste and then this is the look he gave. Okay, that is not my mama.
Vince watching BJ drink her bottle. He is not sure what it is and why she has it and he does not.
Brad, Justin, Kandice and Brenda (from left to right).
Allie, BJ, Nate and Robert (from left to right).
The food on the table and we are ready to eat. Colleen, Mark E., Mark and Ethel Coates (from left to right).
Vince trying to get Burgandi's shoe.
Burgandi with the remote. Don't know why they enjoy them so much, but they do.
Vince and Burgandi checking each other out.

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