Friday, July 31, 2009

The Cabin

Justin is always so good to play games with Shy. She adores him.
Vince and BJ playing ball.
Vince and Shy sitting on the deck.
Cute smiles from BJ.
Kandice making a run for the win.
We were skipping rocks. Nate won with 12 skips. We did not get a picture of it though.
Vince sitting in the sand.
Allie, BJ and Nate at the beach.
Nate and the kids making lagoons to keep the fish that they are catching. Of course, the fish are tiny so they catch and release.
Lance with a fish to go show to Allie.
Robert and Lance looking for fish to catch.
Shy out in the river.
Allie, Lance, Shy and Robert relaxing.
Burgandi with a rough ride down the path. She would not keep her hat on and kept taking it off and dropping it out of the stroller.
Down at the river by Uncle Don and Aunt Kay's cabin. We were so happy that we were able to go up there for a couple of days.

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