Saturday, September 12, 2009

Alyssia's 21st Birthday

Aiden, Shyanne and Isaac.
Playing ball. Nate and Lance.
Okay, so they like to play in water and with bottles.
Now in order of age.
Betty, Don, Donna, Robert and Cindy.
The siblings getting ready for a picture. Real serious, right Don.
Sarah sleeping and Brad and Mark (our nephew) talking.
Jerry and Alyssia, the birthday girl.
Robert, Nate, Cindy (Robert's sister) and Donna (Robert's sister).
Allie and BJ.
Don (Robert's brother) and Robert.
Yes, boys do love the dirt.
Yummy dinner.
Brian (our nephew) and Jerry (Cindy's husband) cooking away.
Stacey (our niece), Allie and Nate visiting.
Burgandi crawling in the grass. She did for a moment and then started doing the stink bug crawl so her knees did not touch.
Allie and Nate over at the BBQ.

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