Monday, December 14, 2009

Winter Piano Recital

The kids with Sister Ball and Sloan, Summer's daughter.
The kids wanted a picture of the two of them with Sister Ball.
Lance and Sister Ball.
Shyanne with Sister Ball, who teaches the kids piano. She is a doll and does it just because she loves the kids.
Burgandi and Vince playing after the recital.
Kandice (due in March), Allie (due in April) and Summer (due in June), three very cute mamas.
Burgandi in her dad's rocking chair that he had when he was little. Nate's Grandad and Grandma Murray gave it to him for Christmas one year.
The family at the recital.
Lance playing a piece at the piano.
Shyanne playing a piece at the piano.
Burgandi ready for the recital.

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