Friday, July 16, 2010

At The Campsite

Lance and Shelby.
Brenda cooking breakfast.
Kandice and Vince.
Vince and Kandice and Allie getting smiles from Natilee.
Lance, Shelby and Shy.
Shelby trying out Burgandi's little chair.
Burgandi and Vince taking off on another of their "walks".
Shy and Justin were playing a game. Burgandi, Kandice and Shelby are looking on.
The two munchkins plotting their next exploit.
Vince and Justin.
Lance in his A's chair.
Nate with his three girls. He is holding Natilee.
Who said camping was dirty business. Okay, maybe Burgandi is proof. Her mom found the cute little girl again after a good bath at home.
Vince with his dad's sunglasses. He thought he was pretty cool.
Okay, some of the oddest places were the best to play.
B at the hand washing station. They did love climbing on the rocks and not going down the steps.
Burgandi, Lance and Vince. B and V loved going on walks. Most of the time, they just left without us and then one of us would have to go round them up.
Sitting around and waiting for food.
She was very beautiful and the kids thought it was so great.
Our welcome committee!
Packing up to get on the road.

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