Friday, July 29, 2011

40th High School Reunion

Brenda and Kandice at the dinner.

Paula and her husband with the quilt Brenda made for the raffle. They were so thrilled when they won.

The whole gang for the dinner festivities.

In front of the new gym.

On the steps of the school.

Brenda, Janet and Susie in the Home Ec room. It had not changed much at all.

Shelby held by Debbie (Brenda's best friend in school), Vince and Brenda.

Brenda in front of the lockers.

Vince and Shelby in the library.

The school library that was made the library when we were seniors. Before that, it was study hall and detention.

One of the many liquor stores that we used to go buy candy at.

The movie theater that we went to all the time as kids.

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