Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lance's 9th Birthday

Burgandi was sick for her birthday, but she liked Lance's cake.
Nate (his dad) showing him how to blow them out going from right to left. Lance tried it again and got all but one out. The first time, he had to try about three times.
Lance blowing out his candles. He felt they were too far apart.
What a great modeling job!
Vince getting very excited over the remote control truck.
More Oakland A's stuff. He recieved a clock, a small clock ball, pencils, picture of Chavez (his favorite player, and a coat, all A's stuff. He was so excited.
Okay, Lance loves the Oakland A's. So he was thrilled with this backpack.
Lance called Burgandi over to help him open a present.
Dinner! Lance asked for BBQ pizza for his dinner, so we each made our own and Allie barbequed them. Very good.

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