Thursday, October 22, 2009


Pretty Shy again.
Handsome Lance just turned 9.
Cute Vince.
He is still pretty far back, but they are quite the duo.
They were trying to get Vince to stand by the chair, but he kept backing up. But with Burgandi turning around to watch, it made a great picture.
Now, she is having fun, which she usually really does not like her picture taken.
Nate's gang again.
This is Kandice's little Vince. She is due to have a girl (so they were told) in March.
This is our beautiful Shyanne.
These are Nate and Allie's three. They will be having another one in April.
Now, Vince is thinking about smiling.
Burgandi is starting to warm up.
Then, they started taking pictures of the kids. So, here is one of all of our grandkids so far. We are expecting two more in the spring.
Grammie, Burgandi and Shy.
Lance, Grandad and Vince.
Lance, Grandad, Grammie and Shyanne.
Lance, Grandad, Vince, Grammie, Burgandi and Shyanne. Vince and Burgandi were not real sure about this, but as we went along you can see that changed some.
Brenda's Dad and Mom. We decided while they were in town, we would go have some pictures taken with their great grandchildren (the ones that are our grandchildren). They have other great grandchildren, but not in town. But, it was fun to get a picture of the two of them.


Artfulife said...

What awesome memories!

Jason and Brianne Kjar said...

cute pics. congrats again on the next set of grandchildren.