Monday, October 27, 2008

Centennial Plaza

The Centenial Plaza opened up and Robert has been moved to work there instead of at the facility under the freeway. As they were building, they offered bricks with messages to be bought by RTC employees. We are so glad that Robert decided to buy one to represent our family. Of course, Lance was a little tiffed that his name was not there. In hindsight, maybe we should have bought one that said Turley Grandchildren, but we don't think we are done having grandkids, so we did not want to put their names. Anyway, it is way cool and fun to have this brick. We can walk down and visit Robert very easily now as it is not that far away. Vince enjoyed the walk down there in his hot ride. We toured the facility and it is very nice. Robert's new office is nice even though he will share it with others when he is off.

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