Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cutting Firewood

Robert, Nate, Brad and Lance went firewood cutting today. It was so nice to know that we would have wood and not have to spend a fortune for it this year. They had a great time up there. It is odd to think that not long ago, Nate and Brad were small and helping. It is good to see that Lance is a great worker and enjoys going with the guys.
Lance did have a hard time understanding why the guys went uphill from the truck and rolled the logs down. He'll catch on.
Sporting gloves and all. They filled the trailer pretty quick.
Papa trying to help Lance into the trailer. By the time they got home, he was in and out on his own.
The guys worked very well together splitting the wood. Lance controlled the lever and left the lifting and wheelbarrow to the big guys.
It's good to see family work hard. We are very grateful to our boys for all they do for us.

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