Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lance's Birthday Party

Lance wanted a Star Wars theme for his party. Kandice and Brenda made this cake. It was their first time working with fondant.
Everybody in line ready to get going. Lance was thrilled to be with his Dad. Shy is in the rear with her Uncle Justin.
Nate and Lance and then Stacey with her son, Justin coming around the corner. Justin and Shy were separated from the group, but had fun.
Lance putting.
Shy got two holes in one. This was one of them.
The gang all watching Justin try to putt one in.
Kandice showing her golf ball after getting a hole in one.
Brenda got one hole in one also.
Lance got the most important hole in one of all. He got it on the last hole and won a free game of golf. Happy Birthday to Lance.

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Kim said...

Looks like some fun and busy times!!